Brief History of Mine

The year was 2013 and I had just started to take control of my life; joined the gym, moved house, even started working out with two of my friends/work colleagues (I say working out, it felt like punishment, Big J was the one in charge of me and A & it hurt).

Then one day I woke up and couldn’t lift my arm, I mean literally. I could not get my arm any higher than chest level. I couldn’t bend it and couldn’t do anything. Righto, not pins and needles, it’s not broken, but I am definitely in a pickle. I can’t get dressed let alone do anything else to make myself presentable for work.

This was the start of a horrendous 6 months or so. I would wake up each morning wondering which of my limbs would give up on me that day or what pain would catch me out. Sometimes it wouldn’t even be the morning, one evening I went to the cinema and then watched as my foot decided to swell and develop a rash all over it, just like that in front of my eyes; brilliant, good job I’m not walking home.

I wasn’t the only one exasperated by all the fun and games, my GP was loving my weekly visits and constant referrals to the hospital for tests. The best bit was when I was given a diagnosis from a rheumatologist; vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency.

To clarify I didn’t and have never lived in a cave. I visit the outside world, granted more frequently than one would like, but even my non medically educated mind knew that this wasn’t a vitamin D deficiency. Thankfully for me, my GP disagreed too and referred me back.

Do you recall December of 2013? The weather went mental and public transport also went mental & the system just collapsed. Awkward as hell when I need to travel 120 miles to spend Christmas with the family and at this point I am really unwell; myself and my housemate being ruthlessly struck down by a merciless flu.

Along the journey I battled cancellations, angry passengers, clueless staff, my fingers swelling to a state where they were frankly unusable which all contributed to me sitting on a train crying for around 40 minutes.

Then I went in to hospital on Christmas Day and was released on January 9th. Seasons greetings.


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