Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Like all busy weekends mine started with a shower, and being late and the dreaded rush. Remember the sweat talk? Yeah, brill.

Hair washing has become much more problematic since medication change. Problematic in that one of the side effects is hair loss. Like the lioness that I am, I have an impressive mane of long thick hair; so I won’t run out any time soon. However, the amount that comes out is obscene and frankly life threatening to the pipework of the shower, floors and carpets.

I have taken a photo of a partial batch of suicidal strands (that’s conditioner btw) that were reprimanded attempting to reach the plug hole of oblivion.

I’d like to clarify that I did remove the follically fallen and didn’t leave them as a display for Mum and visitors to enjoy. I have suggested that I create artistic masterpieces with other ‘side effects’ in the past and was unanimously informed this was inappropriate and I was not to entertain the idea that I would be the next Tracey Emin.

The drama in the shower severely delayed my chilling, regulating and getting ready time. So much so that I had to make the decision to brutally prioritise:

Pack bag – definitely essential

Get dressed – perhaps should have been priority 1

Make up – ah… can we really class as essential?

Now all this haste and anxiety brought about the floods didn’t it. Righto, no make up then. Just eyebrows. Yep. I travelled 120 miles with just eyebrows for a face; people may have recoiled in fear.

Here I am in all my floody, red faced, make-up-less glory. Was a fantastic weekend though, so was all worth it.



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