Time is not a healer

Downside of having someone turn off your immune system, your body can’t fix itself.

Another downside, and sorry for being grim, but I’m a picker. Yes of scabs, not strawberries.

I still bear the marks of the biopsy on my leg in Jan 2014. I have various cuts, sores and scars all over. Some are much worse than others but none of them are cool battle scars. They are more like some weird contagious skin condition or failed attempts at self harm.

I’d be more unhappy if I hadn’t put on all the roid gain. At least I don’t feel my scars and sores are stopping me from skipping around in pretty dresses. So I am pretty much covered. Some are very visible, like the car crash of sores on my head, or the inch long scar on my face and the burns on my arm.

The silly humid weather though… and those silly bitey things. Have a leg worth of stupid scars now. Thanks for that. Plus the additional heat and heat related affects do nothing to help any of the areas of damage. Especially the head.

So I’m afraid time is most definitely not a healer. I think the only healer I have the option of is acceptance. Time might help with that because I am totes not there yet!

I am hoping that I end up trying enough combinations of drugs that I become a female Deadpool. If that happens, all will be forgiven.20160819_220325


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