I’m in the middle of a train reaction

Why is train travel, or in fact any travel, so annoying? It’s People; the general public are irritating.

The main issue is the lack of common sense, that has to be at least 85% of the population. Or other figures would suggest it’s 100% of People I come across. I have an extremely logical brain so struggle to comprehend some of the decisions that People make.

Collectively People also lack social decency. By which I mean that they literally do not care if they push you in front of a truck/train/steam roller in order to get to Starbucks a fraction of a second faster. What happened to manners? Should be on the curriculum. Definitely should be on that citizenship test, just swap out the questions such as “what was the name of Henry VIII’s third wife’s cousin’s cat, who had an affair with a ferret”?

I currently find myself seated in the quiet zone of a train, deliberately so. I crave the peace and tranquility that this carriage promises. It is anything but quiet.

There is a girl across the way with the loudest, most irritating laugh known to man. I fear that she may not arrive at her desired destination. It’s not that I am a complete goody two shoes, not a jobsworth or a grass. Simply a human whom, for personal and legit reasons, made the decision to situate oneself in the designated low volume travelling area. Go elsewhere and make your noise. The next carriage is the one for shouting at your children or destroying your eardrums with loudness.

People. It isn’t hard. Just respect the quiet zone. In return, I won’t spend my journey plotting your demise.


Alas! The ultimate sacrilege has occurred! A phonecall no less. An actual phonecall! Not discreet, no hushed tones and guess what else? The cretin was seated next to me. Well I never. If I wasn’t already seated. I don’t think she wanted to disembark at that time but the heat of my glare forced her to alight.

I might have to devise a letter, in support of the unions against conductorless trains. I mean who will control this mayhem if there is to be no conductor?

Think the drained expression says it all.





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