I Got Spoons, not multiplying.

I am going to let you in to a little secret, so you may have to come in a little closer.

There is something we chronic types live by; The Spoon Theory. Not quite up there with evolution and relativity, but it does the job.

So the ST is basically an indication of energy levels. The easiest way to explain is if you play along…

So, you wake up each day with 10 spoons and each task through the day will cost you at least 1 spoon. Ready to play?


Oh, I should mention. If you didn’t sleep well, you lose 2 spoons. If you have a cold, lose 4 spoons.

Has anyone run out of spoons yet? If you run out that means you have used your energy for that day. Any more tasks now and you’ll be borrowing from tomorrow and you will probably hurt. Imagine waking up on a day off with no spoons from all your borrowing.

Why all this cutlery talk?

I had an absolutely amazing day on Saturday and went for a safari with friends. Was an early start and late finish but such a good day. I knew that it would take a lot of spoons, but sometimes you make the decision because something is worth it. I went through yesterday on less than zero and I am paying for it still as my deficit continues today. I planned ahead and made sure I have ample recovery time.

But isn’t life a bit like that anyway? All about balance? Perhaps it isn’t as extreme for everyone, but I learn to adapt. I utilise annual leave to ensure I have buffers around big days, by buffer I mean a ‘zero spoon day’, whereby I can do very little and recharge. Sometimes I can’t plan them or I have a day that unexpectedly steals some spoons and then I call them a nothing day, because that’s all I can manage, nothing.

If you’re still with me you may have gone back to the morning routine to try and save enough spoons for after work drinks or a lunchtime jolly for a new outfit. Yes there are days when the best I can hope for is brushing of one’s teeth and yes regrettably there are days when even that 1 spoon cannot be honoured. If I have really gone too far, I do have occasions when I look like Worzel Gummidge or Stig of the Dump.

I know what you’re thinking: hot.

If I say I am too tired to do something it means my spoons are all packed up in the dishwasher. Not everyone can empathise with this and think that you are fobbing them off to have a dinner date with your cat or play dominoes with an imaginary pal. I have been so short on spoons before that I wanted to lay in the high street and take a nap so if I say I am too tired, please don’t take offence.

It’s basically the worst type of overdraft, at least it’s interest free I suppose.



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