If Tomorrow Never Comes…

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that people are far too affected by the activity of others.
I was recently heavily criticised, behind my back, by a ‘friend’ because apparently I am too over the top and get too carried away… this being in relation to a friend’s birthday I shall add.

Perhaps I do. It’s my life, my money and more imperative than that, I have my reasons.

Now this entry is being split in to two sections, the PG family friendly non graphic and then the opposite of that.

So for readers of option one – my reason is simply, life is too short.

For those intent on following me in to the emotional abyss, let’s go.

I love birthdays. I love my friends and family. Put the two together and yes I may get excited. I don’t understand how that is any business or bother of anyone else? I have never been one who gives to receive, perhaps in part because I have never felt without. I don’t value things by cost, I think about the enjoyment that person will have.

This isn’t just a rant, but a slight picture needs to be painted.

The serious element is that I don’t know how many birthdays I might have with those I love. It could be 1, maybe 3, maybe 54. I don’t have a timer or a ticking explosive. I’m more of a volcano; unpredictable, volatile and can go at any moment.

I am not deliberately blasé at all and there is a distinct lack of flippancy on my part. This isn’t new for me, I have had these thoughts. I have read things, heard of people like me passing. It all builds a real picture.

The way I see it I have a couple of choices. Live life as a woe me, or be happy, give happiness and create memories. Memories won’t go when I do you see. Plus if this is the last birthday at least it was a good one. If it’s the last Christmas, then I won’t be missing out on a mince pie or 5.

My generosity extends beyond gifting, but the reasoning is the same. If someone I care about needs something that I can provide, then they shall have it. If I can help then I will. If I can forgive, then I will. Life, literally, is too short. This doesn’t mean I am naive and suffer fools, quite the opposite.

I am very aware that I am blessed, materially so, as well as being loved, even cherished. I don’t go without, I may feel like I do, first world problems and all, but I have never been hungry, cold or alone. So if I can share some of my wealth, then why shouldn’t I? Or perhaps I should ask, why does it bother you what I do?

If tomorrow does indeed never come, it is important to me that they know I love them. That’s why I make some of my decisions and I won’t be apologising anytime soon.


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