Money Money Money

Maybe it’s funny in a rich man’s world, but in my Wegener’s World it’s actually pretty painful. One appointment has racked up nearly £100 in travel alone and that was the less expensive option. Usually I would book myself in to a suitability delightful hotel the night before my Hammersmith appointment, however today I did … More Money Money Money

Ch Ch Changes

As I reach the 2 year mark since my grand return to the hometown, the changes, especially physical, that the Wegener’s has demanded from me are beginning to weigh me down like an unwanted sandbag. I used to run. Believe it or not. None of this cross country marathon business like proper runners, but I … More Ch Ch Changes

Take it! Take another little piece of my heart

​The side to an illness that people will never see, or may just never attribute to the illness, that is the worst. Some will know already of the loss of confidence through steroid weight gain, the loss of ability through organs and joints not playing properly and the loss of some ‘friends’ who couldn’t understand. … More Take it! Take another little piece of my heart

Sweet Pain of Mine

​I don’t know the answer, or even how I sway, but what hurts more do you think; physical or emotional? Monday delivers both. The pain is frankly unbearable and my breakfast has been tea and tramadol. I’m not unaware of my emotional pain, but it certainly isn’t outweighing atm. As much as I spend a … More Sweet Pain of Mine